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About Us

Olive Exports Private Limited

Olive Exports Pvt. Ltd. Incorporated in 1994 With its brand name “OLIVE LED” is Research, Design, Development, Engineering, manufacturing and customisation of energy saving LED-based lighting systems, all solutions for UVA, UVB & UVC LED solutions and electronic component/products company. The working of company is driven by a deep sense of social responsibility and commitment. As a customer-centric company practicing the best management techniques in employee engagement, Olive Exports has carved a place for itself in the highly competitive Indian LED-based lighting industry.

As a truly responsible company working in the larger national interest with the customer at its focus, Olive Exports with its strong R&D and design capabilities also has set the goal of developing the LED-based lighting industry in India. The company has over the years introduced innovative designs and modern technologies in its products to give the customer a truly satisfying international experience.

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